Black bank.
Plans have been in place now for a huge renovation of the original pond and its platforms; however, things are never simple with something you don’t actually own.
The club intends to invest nearly £15,000 on this project, so legal things needed to be put in place first. As everyone knows we only lease this venue so we first had to seek written permission to carry out any of the work planned we then needed to speak to the land agents to get their consent and finally we needed to get changes made to the lease agreement that when the platforms are all replaced, they will remain the property of the club.
The legal side of it has taken several months to achieve but is now complete.
A couple of things have already been carried out 1 being the new drainage pipe to control the water levels and 2 the owner has started filling in some of the holes on the track and will continue to do so as and when he can.
There are no plans to control the lilies at the moment as 3000 small tench have just recently been stocked and need somewhere to hide from the big perch in there.
As for the bulk of the work it was decided it will be carried out through the quieter months when vegetation has died down and all the planned matches are over.
I see someone has already complained about plastic, but all the pegs will be replaced with recycled plastic with a lifetime guarantee, the materials to do this have cost in the region of £12,000.
We are also hoping to replace the entrance gates as well with something a little more user friendly.
When the time comes there will be plenty of work for anyone wanting to volunteer and I will give plenty of notice as to when it is happening.