Ladypitt. Important. Please can all take note

With spawning being late it is highly likely wading will be banned june16 for 2/3 weeks.

This is  to minimise disturbance of eggs in the  margins. Will confirm June 14th

Important. West Marsh Fishery

The owner has informed us he will not be renewing our lease when it expires on the 15th  March 2021.This is not due to any issue with the club or its members. The owner feels he has reached a stage in his life when he needs to slow down. The venue will become private property again with no public access or day tickets. I am posting this now (pre AGM assuming we can have one) to ensue anglers do not purchase membership expecting to be able to fish this venue.

Day Tickets. 07/06/2020

It has been confirmed as off today after discussions with the clubs bailiffs that day tickets will once again be accepted on the bank on designated waters.  Please have the correct money on hand and please respect the 2 mtr distance rule.

Can i also remind members that as of June 15, we shall not be renewing our lease for 3 rivers at Keadby (This was agreed at the AGM in March).We have agreed with the parish council to leave the gates in place. They will make a decision to lock them or not.

Getting us back on the bank. ( Please read )

Getting us back on the bank

Paypal on line membership is now available.
There will be inevitable delays in receiving your book
Please take a photo shot/copy of your receipt as proof of payment.There will be no refunding of membership fee if the lock down situation changes again.
All venues excluding those with closed season will be open on Wednesday 13 May
Please be prepared to take reasonable precautions for your own safety, ie PPE if you think necessary including sanitiser etc.

Social distancing will apply at all times

There will be restrictions in place and we will publish a list of guide lines and venue
opening times as early as possible Tue 12.

As you are all aware this a difficult time and ask for your full cooperation and support in getting everyone back fishing safely.

Please keep checking for updated information on this site and will be published once it has been received.

Getting us back on the bank update

In order to prevent spread of CORVID 19 please follow government guide lines especially social distancing.


Following venues Dawn till dusk

Flixborough,  Medge Hall, Black Bank, Keadby Canal, Chesterfield canal.

Curlew pond at Grange Fishery will be open. Check availability with owner.



1/ Use only designated peg/platform.

2/ One person per peg unless second person from same household.
3/ Children must stay with you at all times

4 / Please provide your own PPE if you feel it is required ie santiser/wipes/gloves.

5/ Do not hand membership book /receipt to the bailiff.

Display only.

6 / Photo shot/copy of on line payment receipt will be accepted as proof of payment.
7/  Please help us and others by parking sensibly Please use common sense at all times.
These guide lines may change in line with any Government changes. Lets get there , enjoy and do it safely.


A Very Good Read. Check it out.

We have had permission to use The Reel Fisherman on our website. Check it out people. it’s a very good laid out and informative read. Some of you may recognise one of the venues.

Thank you Darren Davies.

Please Click on the links below

Reel Fisherman 12


Reel Fisherman 14

SAA New Membership Announcement

Due to the current situation, Angling Direct are not taking any cash payments for our membership books so if you require a new membership or a renewal then please do so by purchasing from the club website. Thank you.

Additional Guide Lines for (Covid-19)

These are some guide lines that we as a responsible club require all to do if we are to keep our fisheries open.

We would advise people to sanitise there hands whilst unlocking and locking at our venues which are padlocked and also do the same on the pin screen at Yaddlethorpe.

Please observe the government ruling on social distances which will include visiting each other at your pegs and please no gatherings .

Ensure no double peggings  are used  and keep the distance ruling between each peg.

We are trying to ensure everybody is in a safe and clean environment so please follow the guide lines we are implementing on our fisheries.

We will continually monitor and update on any further changes required.

This is in the club and your interests.

Important Forum Access. Please read.

Important Forum Access. Please read.

As you are all aware, this is Scunthorpe Amalgamated Anglers website and are continually in the process of altering the website so its main aim is to make it easier to use/navigate. We have had a few issues with forum applications so the designers have altered it to make it easier for all members to apply for forum access. If you have had problems in the past in applying then can you please apply again.

This still may take a few days to process your application.

Fishing Coaching Sessions At Yaddlethorpe 2019

The club continued with great success coaching sessions on a Tuesday at Yaddlethorpe ponds mainly for the kids aged between 7 and 16 years of age. ONGO who have Youth Organisation a part of their community projects brought a mini bus full. We were also joined every week by a local group who have various disabilities and some who have been coming since they were teenagers starting at the pond we used to have at Blyton,

Yaddlethorpe Tuesday Coaching 2019

The feedback we have had was good to see and very encouraging for future coaching sessions.

I would like to extend my thanks to all who made these sessions the great success they have been.

Yaddlethorpe Coaching session 2019



Yaddlethorpe Tuesday Coaching 2019

As you will see they also enjoy their food as well as fishing.

The look on the kids faces was good to see. That alone makes it all worth while.

All details of those taking part are sent to AT as part of their follow up programme.