Yaddlethorpe power supply interrupted from 0400hrs – 1300hrs. Petrol motor pumps repositioned to give those ponds with low oxygen an aeration.
Electric aerators now back on.

Water temps. at 28 C and rising. Temperatures above 26 C are detrimental to fish welfare. Given the air ambient temperature is not due to drop until tomorrow morning and water being a good heat sink then the pond temperatures will not go down anytime soon. Therefore, the decision has been made to keep our ponds and canal waters closed until the next review this Friday.

With regards to the rivers, I have taken a view from a cross section of our club bailiffs. At the moment they too will be closed to anglers. The bailiffs are taking daily observations and as you expect they too are very concerned for fish welfare and have recommended that our rivers fall in line with the above.

The committee meet tomorrow morning. If there is any additional information it will be posted on both here and on our website. I’m also informed that Trent FB pages and Canal pages are updated with our latest information.

It is encouraging that bailiffs report only a smattering of anglers have missed the information and have been requested to leave. Thank you all for this.

Again, we thank all of you for your understanding

Dave c.

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