Extreme Weather Update. 21/07/2022

Extreme Weather Update
Good News!! The water temperatures are falling in line with the drop in ambient temperature. Oxygen levels rising. Today at Yaddlethorpe we are removing pumps, hoses, aerators, cables etc. Bailiffs have been informed that our waters are to be available for anglers as from 0600hrs tomorrow,. This gives them time to replace locks where possible. Key codes are being reversed to the usual number. We have requested that the block at Black Bank be removed from in front of the gate.

However, let’s remain vigilant. Be responsible anglers. Catch and release safely and as quick as possible. On open waters let’s do the right thing and not use keepnets. Remember, a large fish in depleted oxygen waters can take several hours to recover. so you may see it swim away but it is still recovering. These water levels are not predicted to rise any time soon and if anything will worsen.

Our pond fish are all we have. We are not overstocked and do not have fish on hand to replenish any loses i.e. we are not a commercial set up. Please, look after our fish as if they are your own!
Thanks once more to everyone who has helped, to our bailiffs for going the extra mile and to you for your patience and understanding.
Enjoy your fishing
Dave c.
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