It has been brought to the clubs attention that the gates are being left open and are allowing the sheep that are grazing in the fields to escape. One of our numerous Bailiffs caught a member leaving the gate open for a mate to come in. This is thoroughly unacceptable and any member found doing so will be at risk of an immediate ban. This is a very serious matter which the club does not take kindly off.  Continuation of members doing this could leave the club in a very serious position of loosing this valuable stretch of river. This i am sure is not what members want so if you do see people leaving gates open , can you remind them that this is not allowed. If you do come across a gate being open, then please close it. Thank  you and if we all continue to being Proactive then hopefully this will not occur again.

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  1. Mark O
    Mark O says:

    I visited Ladypitt this last Wednesday 29/6. There was a Ewe and lamb in the car parking area, clearly quite distressed and wanting to return to the flock via the pasture gate. All turned out well but please keep your eyes peeled.
    Help the farmer, protect his stock and protect our fabulous fishery.
    Have a great season guys! 👍


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