Lincolnshire Show 2019.

The club were once again invited to attend with a stand at Lincolnshire show. Many thanks go out to Logger, Mark and Paul for giving up there time to promote the club at this great event. We had plenty of interest and loads queuing up to give this great pastime of ours a go and hopefully inspired plenty of new members. People were very pleased to see that this is not just any angling club but a family orientated club with a family membership at a very reasonable price. Below are a few pics of the event. Thanks to all our helpers and a big thank you to our very dependable sponsors for there sponsorship throughout the year. Please click on there banners on the website and check out all there products.

Once again Thanks. Clive Bolton








And Finally, Logger having another bite to eat exhausted after cracking the whip as the days gang master. “its a hard Life


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